1. Which one of the following is the main reason why God placed human beings in the Garden of Eden? He wanted them to
A. Give names to the animals in the garden
B. Eat the fruits of the trees in the garden
C. Take care of the garden
D. Have a family while in the garden
2. Abraham left Haran to an unknown land because he
A. Wanted to obey his father
B. Wanted to obey God
C. Had many animals
D. Wanted to get more land
3. Which one of the following activities was performed by the Israelites on the Passover night in Egypt? They
A. Smeared blood on door posts
B. Selected animals for sacrifice
C. Prayed in the temples
D. Collected manna
4. God revealed Himself to the Israelites during exodus through the
A. Flaming torch
B. Burning bush
C. Wind and rain
D. Cloud and fire
5. Which one of the following commandments promises long life for those who obey it?
A. Observe the Sabbath and keep it holy
B. Respect your father and your mother
C. Worship no god but me
D. Do not commit adultery
6. Who among the following people was a Judge in Israel?
A. Elkanah
B. Joshua
C. Esther
D. Deborah
7. A lesson that Christians learn from the incident when David killed Goliath is that they should be
A. Tolerant
B. Patient
C. Courageous
D. Repentant
8. He asked for wisdom, God added him wealth and honour. Who was he?
A. Solomon
B. Ahab
C. Jeroboam
D. Rehoboam
9. Prophet Isaiah foretold that the Messiah would be called
A. The king of kings
B. The give of life
C. The son of the most high
D. A wonderful counsellor
10. “I chose you before I gave you life, and before you were born I selected you to be a prophet to the
nations”. These words were spoken by God to prophet
A. Samuel
B. Jeremiah
C. Amos
D. Hosea
11. When emperor Augustus ordered a census to be taken, Joseph went to the town of Bethlehem because
A. It was a religious centre
B. It was nearer to Nazareth
C. It was his ancestor’s birth place
D. He was commanded by an angel
12. Who among the following women witnessed the dedication of baby Jesus in the temple?
A. Martha
B. Anna
C. Elizabeth
D. Mary Magdalene
13. “You are my own dear son. I am pleased with you.”(Luke 3:22). These words were spoken during the
A. Resurrection of Jesus
B. Transfiguration of Jesus
C. Birth of Jesus
D. Baptism of Jesus
14. Which one of the following groups of people made up the first disciples of Jesus?
A. Andrew, John, Simon, James
B. Simon, Judah, James, Andrew
C. Levi, Thomas, John, Simon
D. Matthew, John, Phillip, Andrew
15. Which one of the following statements is a teaching of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount?
A. Love God with all your heart
B. Let the children come to me
C. Happy are the pure in heart
D. You must be born again
16. Jesus teaches about forgiveness in the parable of
A. A friend at midnight
B. The prodigal son
C. The mustard seed
D. The sower
17. Which one the following events took place during the crucifixion of Jesus?
A. The disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit
B. The rooster crowed
C. Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus
D. The curtain in the temple tore into two
18. The Christian ceremony held to mark Christ’s victory over death is
A. Easter
B. Christmas
C. Pentecost
D. Ascension
19. Christians in the early church best showed their unity by
A. Singing praise
B. Baptizing one another
C. Sharing food
D. Reciting scriptures
20. Paul was chosen by God to preach the gospel mainly to
A. The Gentiles
B. The Jews
C. Women
D. Slaves
21. Which one of the following beliefs about God is found in both the Apostle’s creed and traditional
African communities? God is
A. Three in one
B. The creator
C. All knowing
D. Everywhere
22. In traditional African communities, sacrifices are made in order to A. Prove one’s abilities
B. Show one’s bravery
C. Appreciate God’s gift of life
D. Reduce one’s livestock
23. In traditional African communities, initiation is carried out mainly because
A. Parents are able to give presents to the initiates
B. It helps them know those initiates who are able to lead others
C. It prepares the initiates for marriage
D. It enables the initiates to learn about the society
24. In both Christianity and traditional African communities, children are told stories mainly to
A. Keep them busy
B. Entertain them
C. Teach them about their past
D. Teach them moral values
25. Your desk mate Timothy, asks you for advice on how to use money given to him by his uncle. As a
Christian, what will you do? Tell him to
A. Give you the money
B. Donate some to the needy
C. Buy himself a pair of shoes
D. Return it to the uncle
26. Mary and Joan have been close friends. Of late they have started showing signs of disagreements. As
a Christian, what advice would you give them? Tell them to
A. Seek for guidance and counselling
B. Stop talking to each other
C. Forget about each other and get new friends
D. Stop seeing each other
27. Brian has been spending a lot of time playing games and his parents are complaining that his
performance in class has dropped. As a Christian, what action should he take?
A. Stop playing games
B. Transfer to another school
C. Stay with a friend and continue with the games
D. Balance the time used in games and studies
28. A teacher of Standard Six has asked the pupils to weed the flower-bed. Janet is not willing because it
will make hear dirty. As a Christian, what advice can you give her? Tell her to
A. Do the work as well as she can
B. Ask a friend to do the work for her
C. Report the matter to her parents
D. Ask for permission to go home
29. Anna, a Standard Eight pupil has been found to be pregnant. A friend has advised her to carry out an
abortion. As a Christian, what action should she take?
A. Stop going to school
B. Get married immediately
C. Follow the friend’s advice
D. Keep the pregnancy
30. Joseph, a Standard Seven pupil meets George a Standard Four pupil in the company of boys smoking cigarettes. As a Christian, what is the best action for Joseph to take?
A. Report the matter to the parents
B. Tell George the dangers of smoking
C. Let the class teacher know about it
D. Report the matter to the chief

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